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Posted by Dave Geffon, Partnerships Manager, Google Play Games

The most successful games usually have the strongest communities. They are a
powerful force in driving additional engagement and increasing awareness for
your titles. At GDC 2017, we spoke with a few game developers about best
practices for successfully building their own communities. Watch the panel
session below to hear advice from Seriously,
, and Super
Evil MegaCorp

1. Be authentic

Community is a mindset; be honest, transparent & patient with
your communications. Loyal users are extremely valuable, thus the folks at Super
Evil Megacorp say that you should act like you have to earn every player.

2. Start small

Build a plan and start today. Launch your social media
channels, look into influencers, and create a strategy. Whether it’s sharing one
piece of fan art a week across your network, or running a closed beta to gather
feedback from your most valued users, take action and learn what works best for
you and your users.

3. Play match-maker
When finding influencers to support your game, ensure
they’re a genuine match. Make sure the influencer’s audience is a good fit with
your game and existing community.
4. Seek feedback
Communities are passionate. Use feedback to understand what
kind of game and features your users want. Be flexible and iterative so you can
react and evolve your game with the needs and desires of your community.
However, don’t be afraid to stay true to what you stand for as sometimes you’ll
need to agree to disagree with some players.

5. Build for the long-term
The lifespan of games is continuing to grow. Plan
your business strategy, update cycles and community efforts to roll out over
time and expand with your growing experiences and user-base.

more sessions
from Google Developer Day at GDC17 on the Android Developers
YT channel to learn tips for success. Also, visit the Android Developers website
to stay up-to-date with features and best practices that will help you grow a
successful business on Google Play

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This post was originally published at 5 tips for building communities on mobile