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Posted by Sandie Gong, Developer Relations Program Manager Chris Iremonger, Android Technical Program Manager

Like many other issue trackers at Google, we’re upgrading our Android Open
Source Project (AOSP) issue tracking system to Issue Tracker. We are
hoping to facilitate a better collaboration between our developers and our
Android product teams by using a tool we use internally at Google to track bugs
and feature requests during product development.

Starting today, all issues formerly at
will migrate to Issue Tracker under the Android
Public Tracker component
. You may have noticed that we are already using the
new tool to collect feedback on the O Developer

What has been migrated

Getting started with Issue Tracker

You can learn more about navigating our Issue Tracker from our developer documentation.
By default, Issue Tracker displays only the issues assigned to you. You can
easily change
to show a hotlist of your choice, a bookmark group, or a saved search.
You can also adjust
notification settings
by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner and
selecting Settings.

The mappings in Issue Tracker are also slightly different than
so make sure to check out Life of a Bug to
learn more about what the various statuses mean.


Searching for component specific issues

Opening a issue link will automatically redirect you to the new
system. We’ve cleaned up some of the spam, but you’ll be able to find all of the
other issues from in Issue Tracker, including any
issue you’ve reported, commented on, or starred

You can view all reported Android issues in the Android
Public Tracker component
and drill down to see reported issues for specific
categories of issues, such as Tools and Support Libraries, by searching
for specific components

Before filing a new issue, please check if it is already reported in the issues list. Let us know what issues are important to you by starring
an existing issue.

Submitting a new issue is easy. Once you click “Create Issue”, search for the
appropriate component for your issue. Alternatively, you can just follow the
correct issue creation link for each component listed in Report Bugs.

Here’s some helpful links to get you started!

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This post was originally published at A New Issue Tracker for our AOSP Developers