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Posted by Dave Burke, VP of Engineering


As we put the finishing touches on the next release of
, which will begin to roll out to consumers later this summer, we’re
releasing the 4th Developer Preview of Android N, including the Android N final
. And thanks to your continued feedback over the last three releases, all of
the APIs are now final as well. If you’ve already enrolled your device in the
Android Beta Program, (available at you will receive an update
to this Developer Preview shortly.

Get your apps ready for Android N

The final SDK for Android N is now available for download through the SDK
Manager in Android
. It gives you everything you need to develop and test against the
official APIs in the Android N platform. Once you’ve installed the final SDK,
you can update your project’s compileSdkVersion to API 24 to
develop with the Android N APIs and build and test on the new platform, for new features
such as Multi-window support, direct-reply notifications, and others. We also
recommend updating your app’s targetSdkVersion to API 24 to opt-in
and test your app with Android N specific behavior
. For details on how to setup your app with the final SDK, see Set up the
. For details on API level 24 check out the API diffs
and the updated API reference,
now hosted online.

Along with the Android N final SDK, we’ve also updated the Android
Support Library
to 24.0.0. This allows you to use multi-window and
picture-in-picture callbacks, new notification features, methods for supporting
Direct Boot, and new MediaBrowser APIs in a backward compatible manner.

Publish your apps to alpha, beta or production channels in Google Play

Now that you have a final set of APIs, you can publish updates compiling with,
and optionally targeting, API 24 to Google Play. You can now publish app updates
that use API 24 to your alpha, beta, or even production channels in the Google
Play Developer Console. In this way, you can test your app’s
backward-compatibility and push updates to users whose devices are running
Developer Preview 4.

To make sure that your updated app runs well on Android N, as well as older
versions, a common strategy is to use Google Play’s
beta testing feature
to get early feedback from a small group of users —
including developer preview users — and then do a staged rollout as you release
the updated app to all users.

How to Get Developer Preview 4

Developer Preview 4 includes updated system images for all supported Preview
devices as well as for the Android emulator. If you are already enrolled in the
Android Beta program, your devices will
get the Developer Preview 4 update right away, no action is needed on your part.
If you aren’t yet enrolled in Android Beta, the easiest way to get started is by
visiting and opt-in your
eligible Android phone or tablet — you’ll soon receive this (and later) preview
updates over-the-air. As always, you can also download and flash this
update manually
. The N Developer Preview is available for Nexus 6, Nexus 5X,
Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, and Pixel C devices, as well as General Mobile 4G [Android
One] devices and the Sony Xperia Z3.

Thanks so much for all of your feedback so far. Please continue to share
feedback or requests either in the N
Developer Preview issue tracker
, N
Preview Developer community
, or Android Beta
as we work towards the consumer release later this summer. We’re
looking forward to seeing your apps on Android N!

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This post was originally published at Android N APIs are now final, get your apps ready for Android N!