Today’s post on #AndroidWear is from +Wayne Piekarski.

Adding extra pages to notifications with the Android Wear Developer Preview is really simple, and it all comes down to one extra line of code shown highlighted here:

The video embedded above demonstrated some code that helps notify a user when library books are overdue. The code is included below using similar notification APIs you are already familiar with, but this time we build up a list of extra pages and then add them. The wearable-specific code is highlighted below:

Follow these simple steps to see the example in action:

8. Build the project. If there are any compile issues try a clean build of the project.

9. You can now run the application on your phone, and see the results on the wearable emulator.

Once again, you can see that building with Android Wear is really easy! After experimenting with this code, check out the detailed documentation for the full story.

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Another Easy Sample For Notification Pages on Android Wear