Author: Walter

Corona Labs Joins Perk

Corona: tvOS and Apple TV (Alpha)

New Public Release: 2015.2731

Mac App and Win32 App: Open Beta

New Public Release: 2015.2646

Writing Plugins in Pure Lua

Xcode Requirements: iOS 8.3 + iOS 8.4-beta

Custom Shader Effects

Open Source Plugins and (coming soon) Corona Store

Corona SDK is now Free + Mac/Win Desktop Apps + GDC

State of Corona: Thoughts and Reflections 2015

Update on Corona, iOS 64-bit support and plugins

Corona’s iOS 64-bit Transition Plan

New Public Release: 2014.2511

Fuse Powered Acquires Corona!

Resolution Independence: Adaptive Content Scaling in Corona

Approximating Density Independence on Android

The Point of Resolution Independence: iOS and iPhone 6 Plus

Tutorial: Paint brushes, trailing object effects, etc with the Snapshot canvas

Daily Build Roundup: Select/Capture Video + iTunes Library Access

Game Legend John Romero Joins as Advisor, Talks Corona SDK

Corona Editor + Sublime Text

Graphics 2.0 Public Beta

Daily Build Roundup: Amazon IAP + Map improvements + New Analytics Dashboard

Daily Build Roundup: Win Simulator + Android + Transition 2.0 + iOS

Graphics 2.0: Render to texture with snapshot objects

Graphics: iOS 7 Translucent Glass Effect

Corona Update: Daily builds, iOS 7, and the road to Graphics 2.0

Augmented Reality Experiment

3-D effects with Normal Mapping

Corona Update: Graphics 2.0

Corona weekly update: Turn-based multiplayer support

Corona Weekly Update: Vector graphics teaser

Corona Weekly Update: Fixing bugs

Update on Corona Cloud

Corona Weekly Update: iOS7 Beta, Text alignment, Facebook

Top 10 Reasons Why Corona Rocks

Lunch with Co-founder of id Software

Corona Weekly Update: Groups and Containers

Corona Weekly Update: Photoshop-style Filter Effects

The one about how networking 2.0 happened

Corona Weekly Update: New Plugin Partners + Core gets lighter

Corona Weekly Update: Plugins now beta in daily builds

Corona Weekly Update: 3-D quadrilateral distortion without the Z-axis!

Corona Weekly Update: Starter vs Pro, Plugins, and Graphics!

Corona Weekly Update: More on Gluon/Plugins

Corona Weekly Update: Join us at FITC + Android Expansion Files + Raycasting + Plugins

Corona Weekly Update + Open Source

State of Corona: New Public Release + FREE + Re-imagining Pro

The Search for the Most Interesting Developer in the Universe

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