Here’s a guest post from Lou Gazzola – Ed.

Last call for porting apps starts Jan 18th – Register now for the Last Chance Port-A-Thon!

After staying up for 37.5 hours and working with some amazing developers to submit 15,060 apps, how do I reward myself? Obviously, by planning another port-a-thon this weekend! We’ve also doubled the reward opportunity for developers as we look for some new and exciting apps to add to BlackBerry World.

That’s right: this weekend we will have $2,000,000 available in rewards to developers for submitting their apps. Our last few port-a-thons have been so successful that we’re confident this weekend will yield some amazing apps for BlackBerry 10.

What apps are eligible, you ask? You can build/port apps using any one of the development languages that supports BlackBerry 10. Port from Android, use HTML5, Native C/C++, AIR, jQuery, Marmalade, Qt, PhoneGap, Appcelerator, Sencha and more. Additionally, apps created using BlackBerry App Generator are also eligible. (Note: you need to own the blog content to be eligible)

All apps that are submitted will be reviewed and approved apps will be notified with rewards. You can find answers to any logistical questions here.

These port-a-thons are just part of our dedication to our developers and apps for our new BlackBerry 10 platform. We’re dedicated to building a healthy ecosystem for BlackBerry 10. We’re committed to our Built For BlackBerry initiative and our 10k developer commitment.

Get on board – now’s your chance to get your app ready for the BlackBerry 10 launch.

I hope you can join us for the BlackBerry Last Chance Port-A-Thon, as it’s a great experience where you can to meet our team, other developers, learn more about developing for BlackBerry, and get rewarded.

Go forth and port!



$2 Million in Rewards Available for the BlackBerry 10 Last Chance Port-A-Thon