Have you downloaded the BlackBerry 10.2 SDK beta? If so, your first step should be to check out the updated UI Guidelines for BlackBerry 10.  The BlackBerry 10 UI Guidelines explain the key design principles on which BlackBerry 10 was founded, teach you about designing for different screen resolutions, and document best practices for implementing BlackBerry 10 specific features. The UI Guidelines are an important tool to utilize when designing and developing your app.

We’ve just updated the UI Guidelines to help developers learn even more about great design and make it easier to build beautiful apps:

  • We’ve added an Earconography section that explains what’s involved in good sound design.  Each of the default BlackBerry 10 sounds are available for you to listen to, and you can read about the thought process and intention behind each one.
  • Wireframe prototypes are now available!  Dozens of images have been created and are available for you to use when mocking up your UI designs.  We’ve also documented best practises to keep in mind when prototyping your UI.
  • We’ve expanded the Dialog boxes and toasts page to better explain how to take advantage of this UI Control.

Read through the updated UI Guidelines and see where you can apply our best practices and design suggestions to your app.  As IBM CEO Thomas Watson Jr. says, “Good Design is Good Business”.


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