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In our ongoing effort to ensure our developers are equipped with the latest tools, techniques, and resources to develop the best quality BlackBerry apps, this past Wednesday we held an Enterprise development-focused BlackBerry Jam Direct virtual conference.

Hosted by Senior Director of Enterprise Development Gregg Ostrowski, Manager of Enterprise Technical Partnerships Mark Howden and Senior Enterprise Mobile Developer Shikhir Singh, nearly 200 interested developers joined to learn how BlackBerry, more than any other platform, makes it easy to develop cross-platform and web based BlackBerry apps for the enterprise.

In the first half of the two BlackBerry Jam Direct sessions, Gregg explained the Four Pillars of Enterprise App Development: Connectivity, Application Management, Standards, and Notifications/Push. By making development decisions with these pillars in mind, developers can overcome common enterprise hurdles like data stuck behind firewalls and VPNs with BlackBerry Enterprise Suite 10 (BES 10).

Diving into the technical aspects of enterprise app development with BlackBerry, Mark and Shikhir went platform by platform explaining recommended development processes using BlackBerry tools like Secure Workspace BlackBerry Balance. The two went step by step, showing video presentations and screenshots of the developer dashboard to demonstrate how simple the process can be with BlackBerry’s robust tools.

Still want to learn more? You’re in luck! The beauty of our BlackBerry Jam Direct webinars is that they’re recorded and preserved to be viewed later. Below is the webinar in its entirety, so take a look and share your thoughts, questions, and stories around Enterprise App Development in the comments below!

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BlackBerry Jam Direct Recap: Enterprise Mobile Development