We recently had the great pleasure of having Alec Saunders visit our team in Buenos Aires as we opened the first three BlackBerry Tech Centers within local universities in Argentina, joining 16 other BlackBerry Tech Centers around the world.

The first BlackBerry Tech Center opened in the Universidad Technologica Nacional (UTN), one of the most recognized universities in the region. In the opening event, the Dean of the university thanked BlackBerry for the investment in the university and the focus BlackBerry brings to educating and improving the academic tools and resources available for their students. Ignacio Echechiquia, Director of Marketing for Argentina’s national airline Aerolineas Argentinas, was on hand to present the BlackBerry Tech Center with its first project: the development of a commercial app for the airline that allows users to check-in, book flights, get quick updates on flight statuses, and more.

We had another important guest at the event: Lino Barañao, Vice Minister of Science and Technology of Argentina, who presented the different plans they are working on in order to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in the country. He joined other industry leaders, more than 150 studentsand local media to make the event a huge success.


The country’s second BlackBerry Tech Center opened at Universidad Argentina de le Empresa (UADE), a private university. The BlackBerry Tech Center is located in their Labs building, where they have more than 25 different laboratories and research groups focused on everything from biotechnology to manufacturing, art and photography. In this BlackBerry Tech Center, the students will have access to technology and technical support which they will use to support and complete a variety of research and development projects from third party companies.


The third BlackBerry Tech Center in Argentina was opened at Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), a very prestigious public university in the region. The BlackBerry Tech Center already has a group of 15 developers going through workshops and research challenges, three of whom are being sponsored by BlackBerry so they can study mobile technologies.


These openings are very important as BlackBerry works to generate a solid base of developers in academic areas around the world, and also to improve and solidify our relation with local communities. This is the beginning of a national plan to support innovation and growth and we are looking forward to bringing more value to our developers, all over Argentina, Latin America, and the world.


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BlackBerry Tech Centers Open In Argentina