It seems like just yesterday we launched the BlackBerry Z10 and now we’re in the midst of rolling out the BlackBerry Q10 across the globe. Many people, maybe you included, have been waiting for this device to get their hands on the legendary physical keyboard that BlackBerry is famous for.


This is an exciting time to be a BlackBerry developer and if your application has the Built for BlackBerry designation the launch of the BlackBerry Q10 holds special significance to you. As you know, Built for BlackBerry is about identifying those applications that fully embrace the BlackBerry 10 experience. These applications are easy to use because of the familiarity of the interface – they integrate with the operating system, perform spectacularly, and truly showcase what BlackBerry 10 can do.

In order to maintain your Built for BlackBerry designation, your application or game must support the BlackBerry Q10 by September 3rd, 2013. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here are a few posts from the Inside BlackBerry Developers Blog that can help get you started:

Don’t forget about the wealth of sample code on our github repository and our fabulous support forum. Both are here to help you be successful with your application or game development. If you’re looking for something more step-by-step, you can always access our BlackBerry Jam Content.

So don’t delay, start bringing your application or game to the BlackBerry Q10 today and get access to the latest BlackBerry enthusiasts.


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Built for BlackBerry and the BlackBerry Q10