Have you been by our GitHub repositories lately? We’re now hosting 93 repositories, including over 400 samples. Many of these have been created by developers here at BlackBerry, but there have been plenty of contributions from our growing community of Open Source developers. These outstanding people range from developers who have just started developing for BlackBerry, to seasoned veterans, who wrote their first code on BlackBerry OS 4, or even earlier! Besides their impeccable taste in mobile operating systems, they all share an appreciation for open code.

Whether you’re learning something new, refining your skills, or looking for issue workarounds, open source is a wonderful thing. Often our interaction with open source can be unilateral, but it’s when we contribute back that it becomes a dialog with the rest of the community and the value starts to compound: Your enhancement to a sample, spurs another developer to publish some code, which makes you realize a whole new way of solving a problem you’re working on.

Now maybe you’re thinking, this sounds too good to be true – next you’ll tell me children sang a song with a man in space. Okay, it’s not quite as amazing as that: you have to learn a little bit about Git. But I made a video that walks you through using it:

Now you’re all set to get started. If you want to jump in to something, drop me a note. We have a few projects that we’d like to tackle over the summer and I’m thinking about putting together virtual hack-a-thons for open source projects – similar to what we did for the port-a-thons leading up to launch. I think it would be a lot of fun, so let me know if you’d be interested or if you have any input into the idea.

We’ve also created a Channel for BlackBerry Open Source if you are trying out the BBM Channels beta. Scan this QR Code to add the Channel:




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