There are several different options available to Cascades developers who want to integrate their app with Facebook.  The Share Framework allows users to post pictures and status updates  to Facebook directly from any application.  Developers can invoke the native BlackBerry 10 Facebook application from their app in order to show a Facebook profile page.  Or developers can use OAuth to interact with the Facebook Graph API to display Facebook data right in their application.

The development team at QuickBlox has provided an easy way for developers to connect their app to the Facebook Graph API.  The QuickBlox Facebook Connect framework is built upon the public OAuth library contributed by Kyle Fowler.  Dozens of Facebook Graph calls are provided, and the framework can be easily extended to add more.  The QuickBlox framework helps developers load a user’s profile and newsfeed, integrate with Facebook Places, create a post, and much more!  Check out the QuickBlox Facebook Connect framework on GitHub, and the Liverpool Connect app for BB10 which implements it.


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Easy Facebook Graph API Integration for BlackBerry 10