I look forward to seeing many of you in Orlando May 14-16 for BlackBerry Jam Americas. You’ll find me wandering around & presenting, coding, hacking and helping developers find new and interesting ways to build amazing applications for BlackBerry 10. In fact, I’m quite excited to present the following two sessions which are directed at the HTML5 & WebWorks development communities:

JAM 24 – HTML5 Frameworks: Up-And-Comers that are Building Steam

Ask any Web developer how many JavaScript frameworks there are out there and you’ll likely end up waiting a long time as they answer. There are so many to choose from and new ones appear in the wild on a daily basis: UI frameworks, libraries, shims & polyfills, animation, graphs, gestures, MVC, performance, etc. We developers who solve difficult coding problems are eager to share their solutions in the form of JavaScript frameworks, allowing others to also build compelling application content. In this session, I’m going to share a few of my own personal favorite frameworks that are focused on improving the quality of your HTML5 applications or games. I even plan on doing a live coding demo of an HTML5 gaming framework. Wish me luck!


JAM23 – Lab: Getting Deep Device Integration with Third Party Extensions

Okay folks, I’m really excited about this one. This session is actually a 2 hour lab that will empower developers to boost the quality of their HTML5-powered WebWorks applications and take them to the next level of awesomeness.  Developers – have you ever built a Web app using technologies like HTML5, CSS or JavaScript and encountered a situation where the feature you wanted to implement could not be added because it was not defined in any Web standards?  Some examples include: blinking the LED light, sending a message via Bluetooth or keeping the device backlight on (none of these are features that can be added using standard JavaScript).  The BlackBerry 10 OS has a powerful native API platform that can be leveraged in a WebWorks application by exposing native code to the JavaScript engine via custom Third Party extensions.  During this lab, attendees will not only learn how to build WebWorks extensions for BlackBerry 10, but they will actually create their own!  By the time this lab is over, everyone will have a functional WebWorks application running on their free BlackBerry Z10 smartphone that makes use of a native extension. It’s going to get crazy in there.



Frameworks, JavaScript and C++ … oh my! BlackBerry Jam Americas Session Preview