Keeping with the entrepreneurial spirit of our developers we will be partnering with @AngelHack for Angel Hack Spring 2013, one of the biggest hackathon competitions in the world! This time we’re touring the Asia Pacific region with the team and bringing cartloads of goodies with us to the following cities:

May 18-19
Melbourne, Australia

May 25-26
Bangalore, India
Sydney, Australia

June 1-2
Bangkok, Thailand
Seoul, Korea

June 8-9
Jakarta, Indonesia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Manila, the Philippines

At the events, meet our local evangelists to find out how BlackBerry can help to kick start your app development and get your app on the BlackBerry 10 platform. For start-ups that look into developing on BlackBerry, you can be sure of the support we will provide onsite, not to mention the prizes that we will be bringing to each of the events! AngelHack participants who plan to build on BlackBerry 10 stand a chance to win awesome prizes like BlackBerry Z10 smartphones, cash, passes and trips to Jam Asia 2013 to pitch for the AngelHack Start-up Asia Pacific Challenge!

Just register your interest onsite and you have up to two months to submit your app. One winning team from each city will fly to Jam Asia 2013 for the AngelHack Start-up Asia Pacific Challenge. AngelHack mentors, BlackBerry tech experts and business development folks will prepare the teams for the pitch at Jam Asia. And the best pitch walks away with the grand prize of $10,000 USD!
Didn’t I say cartloads of goodies? Attend the BlackBerry mini talks at the event, and we will also give you a surprise giveaway!

Don’t wait; sign up for AngelHack in your nearest city now at:



Hack with AngelHack & BlackBerry in Asia Pacific!