FlyCraft and Pop Corny are two very popular games by Harry Kalogirou, a Greek developer and BlackBerry Elite member that I met last year. Harry had recently started developing for BlackBerry, porting Pop Corny (already popular on other platforms) and then developing FlyCraft exclusively for BlackBerry.

Last year my fellow BlackBerry Evangelists and I kept sending a very strong message to developers around the world – invest time developing and porting your apps and games for BlackBerry because mobile developers earn more money on BlackBerry. We strongly believe that choosing to publish to BlackBerry World first (or exclusively) will positively impact your business.

All that said, pictures are worth more than thousands words, right? So, just look at the two slides below.

First slide:

Harry Kalogirou, developer of FlyCraft and Pop Corny, shows which platform brought more revenues for him, for Pop Corny.


As you can see, Pop Corny made more money on BlackBerry than on the other platforms.

Second slide:

He shows how much money FlyCraft, a game developed EXCLUSIVELY for the BlackBerry platform, made compared to Pop Corny (SUM of the revenues from iOS, Android and BlackBerry, all together). Consider that Pop Corny was released before FlyCraft.


Enough said.


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