Last week was an amazing for game developers with some of the most exciting game conferences happening around the globe. At the Nordic Unite conference, we saw some major announcements around the Unity Game Engine, specifically how indie developers can now get Unity for free. The news could not have come at a better time for the BlackBerry team at Casual Connect Asia 2013. At this year’s event, Brett from Unity and our own Justin Lee teamed up to talk about the latest Unity SDK for BlackBerry 10 and the opportunities for game developers on BlackBerry 10. Brett demoed an impressive title from AlphaPod, a Malaysian studio that had managed to port their game within a couple of hours leading up to the event. Check out the Ying and Yang duo in action below:

Brett and Justin presenting Unity on BlackBerry 10

The most exciting part of the event for us would have had to be the Indie Showcase . Over 70 indie game studios from around the world showed off their latest and greatest stuff. The showcase could best be described as being in an exclusive gaming arcade with an unlimited pouch of coins. And the best part – the chance to speak to the designers and developers of these creative titles. Congratulations to Vinova from Singapore, the ‘Best in Show’ winner of the Indie Showcase for their tower defense game: Ultimate Arrow (coming soon to BlackBerry World – and yes we saw it working on a BlackBerry Z10!)

This is where things got really interesting in the Indie Showcase. We had planned to engage and invite these awesome developers to the BlackBerry 10 platform as most of them had never considered building games on BlackBerry, but what followed was simply unimaginable. During the 24 hours of the event, we had over 30 of these amazing titles ported and running on BlackBerry 10! Yes we managed to get all flavors from Unity, Cocos2d-x, AIR and even HTML5. Each of the indie game developers proudly left with their first BlackBerry 10 devices including the first cut of their titles already running on them. There was tremendous excitement in the BlackBerry camp with Justin and Didiet racing against the clock to help as many of the indie studios as possible. The BlackBerry team is in pure anticipation for these sensational titles to hit the BlackBerry World store but while we wait, let’s see what some of these studios had to say about their first hand experience on bringing games on BlackBerry 10:


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Indie Game Devs impress at Casual Connect Asia