Just prior to BlackBerry Jam Americas, I was speaking with Adam Stanley about analytics services for our BlackBerry 10 HTML5 developers. Adam had been looking into Localytics and found that they have an analytics service written entirely in HTML5; BlackBerry has an entire development approach based on HTML5, so he decided to try his hand at plugging it in to a WebWorks application on his BlackBerry Z10. Without much delay he found that almost the entire service worked as-is out of the box (web standards are a thing of beauty!).

After the above discovery Adam quickly fired off an email to the Localytics folks to see about getting some official documentation posted for BlackBerry 10. Normally using this approach, without having an “in”, it takes time; with Localytics we were put in touch with their VP of Strategy and Business Development, Brian Suthoff, right away, and were on a call with him within a few days. Localytics was excited to know just how easy it was to use their service with BlackBerry 10.SDK Dev Lead Randy Dailey jumped right to working on SDK tweaks to further support BlackBerry 10 and official documentation.

Today, just a couple of weeks from our first engagement with Localytics, I am happy to say that Localytics is now officially supported on BlackBerry 10. All you WebWorks developers can go ahead and add a few simple lines of JavaScript to your existing applications and start tracking usage of your application. But wait, there’s more! If you use Cascades and want to use Localytics then you’ll be happy to know that there is also a QML interface for the service making it available to you as well! Check the Localytics blog for the official announcement:


I have already created my first Cascades application using Localytics; the entire process was a breeze. From account creation, to getting the files and docs needed to start, to the point where I had analytics actually displaying in my dashboard was all of about 30 minutes.

The service plans begin completely free for developers and indie publishers and scale up from there depending on your needs.

Ready to get started? If you’ve read this far then of course you are! Chad Tetreault has gone ahead and written the first WebWorks sample application with Localytics implemented, you can get it right now: https://github.com/blackberry/BB10-WebWorks-Samples/tree/master/Localytics

For more info check out the main Localytics site and the following resources for more information:


Read article here: 

Localytics for BlackBerry 10 is Here!