Moving day for the Mississauga branch of Developer Relations is coming up soon! We’re not moving too far, just across the road to join the likes of Tim Neil and Russell Andrade in BlackBerry Tahoe A. With any move at BlackBerry, there is a process to follow; you pack all of your belongings into a moving box, label the box and leave it at your desk for the elves movers to transport to the new cubicles over the weekend.

I decided the move to the new building was a great excuse to have a bit of fun with the movers. The prank came to me without much effort at all and within a few seconds I had the idea, all that was left was the execution (I’m being vague on purpose, be patient please!). My cubicle neighbor and comrade in shenanigans Rob Williams thought he could rig up an Arduino with an accelerometer and speaker together with a battery pack to keep the juice flowing for long enough to leave everything un-disturbed for a few hours. This was an awesome idea, though a bit out of my league I know Rob is a wiz with that kind of stuff, but then I thought to myself “Hey, we work for BlackBerry!” I grabbed a Dev Alpha B out of my desk, and started thieving code from GitHub programming, in less than five minutes I had a finished app that would serve as the entertainment for myself, some colleagues, and hopefully anyone reading this for a few weeks (the move was delayed a bit).

Without further delay, I present to you, my first ever YouTube video: “Kitties locked in a box”

Let me know what you think! Send me a message on Twitter with your feedback and any tips for pulling of the prank – garettBeuk

Part 2 should be posted in the upcoming week…


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Moving Fun With BlackBerry 10: Part 1 – The Setup