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The day was June 21, 2013, a Friday if I recall, I woke up in the morning like a little kid on his birthday, excited for the day but also a bit weary from lack of sleep…due to the excitement. This day was a long time in the making, weeks actually, and no amount of planning, training or development could have prepared us for what was about to happen in just a few short hours.


I entered the office early that day to pack up the last of my things and setup for the prank. Only Gary and I were in for the morning, almost everyone else on the floor had packed up the day before and were working from home. I worked through the day trying to stay on task and not stray too much thinking about the prank, but it’s tough when you’re trying to make sure everything is in place (kind of like second-guessing what you packed before leaving on vacation). Throughout the day I was in contact with Rob via BBM, Rob was coming in to the office in the afternoon to set up and film the prank with me, so we were discussing various ideas about logistics and whatnot (totally work related stuff) making sure we had our bases covered.

The day seemed exceedingly long as we approached the 5pm scheduled move time. At about 3:30 I received word that Rob was on his way, and that’s when my tweeting started:

I was going to try to keep everyone updated in what was sure to be a very fast-paced event. Rob and I set up cameras, movers come in at 5pm, we film some hilarious footage then head home to enjoy the weekend. Solid plan, right? 4:32pm (T – 28m)

We were all set! Rob had the GoPro aiming solidly at the box from the neighbouring cubicle and my Dev Alpha B was set up on an empty box at the end of the aisle. From these 2 angles we were sure to get a great shot of the movers freaking out when they picked up the box. 5:39pm (T + 39m)

It’s 5:39pm, where the heck are the movers!?!?!? Well turns out there are 2 floors in our building that need to be moved, so the 5pm start time was accurate, we just didn’t compensate for the extra time needed to clear the other floor first. Needless to say I’m getting quite restless. Lucky for Rob and I, Rob brought in his daughter, 3-1/2 year-old Bryce, whom seems to have no problem keeping us occupied by playing hide and seek or marveling over a red paperclip. 5:50pm (T + 50m)

We are tipped off that the movers will be on our floor in 2 minutes! I start freaking out! Rob and I run about checking that the cameras are still pointing in the right directions, have battery and did not spontaneously combust. Within a couple of minutes the movers are on the floor, and in what seemed like a flash the box was moved. 6:17pm (T + 1h17m)

What happens next is a whole rollercoaster of emotions. No matter how well something is planned, there is always possibility for something to go wrong. At the time, Rob and I had little idea what had actually happened with the initial pick up, but from what we saw directly it did not look great *cue sad music*. It wasn’t until we reviewed footage that we knew for sure. I won’t spoil the ending, instead please check out the footage for yourself in the below compilation created by Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Music Finder Overlay Person and fellow prankster, Rob Williams:


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Moving Fun With BlackBerry 10: Part 2 – The Execution