I’m pleased to announce we’re offering free Marmalade Indie Licenses ($499 USD) to our developer community. And to sweeten the offer, the first 300 qualifying developers will receive a free BlackBerry Dev Alpha testing device!

The first step is to register at http://www.madewithmarmalade.com/blackberry. Then create your BlackBerry 10 application using the Marmalade SDK and submit it within 30 days in “Draft” to BlackBerry World. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be 100% ready for this first step!

The first 300 qualifying vendors will receive a free BlackBerry Dev Alpha testing device on loan. Once apps are completed, submitted for final review, and approved, you’ll receive your free Marmalade Indie License (value of $499 USD) and you’ll get to keep your testing device to create more apps!

Our Marmalade License offer last year was extremely popular with over 1,000 apps created! Be sure to register quickly to secure your free Marmalade Indie License and be one of the first 300 to get a free BlackBerry Dev Alpha device.

If you already received a BlackBerry Dev Alpha device, you won’t qualify for an additional one. However, you are still eligible for the free license. Previous recipients of a free Marmalade License through a BlackBerry offer are not eligible to enter this promotion

For those that don’t know about Marmalade, it’s a powerful cross-platform SDK for the creation of richer apps and games on BlackBerry, iOS, Android and other platforms.

Marmalade makes it easier than ever to create BlackBerry 10 apps. Why not try developing your app with the new Marmalade RAD tool, which you’ll get for free when you sign up? Marmalade Quick is a fast, flexible and open RAD programming environment for the creation of 2D games and apps. It’s based upon best-in-class open source components including Cocos2d-x/Box2D, and the entire engine is made available in source code.



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New Marmalade for BlackBerry 10 Offer