I’m excited to share two NFC sessions with you in Orlando from May 14-16 for BlackBerry Jam Americas. One of them is an overview of what you can do with BlackBerry 10 and NFC, the other delves deep into making payments happen.

JAM36 – NFC development for BlackBerry 10: A whirlwind tour

Here we’ll look at all the tech that is available from you to create solutions. We’ll cover tag reading and writing, P2P and more.  Great to keep in mind that NFC is more than just payment!!!

JAM26 – Demystifying NFC Payment

But – if you’re thinking about getting into payment (or loyalty programs) – this is the session for you.


We’ll cover a few different approaches and talk about everything you need lined up. There are lots of moving pieces involved to make complete secure element / card emulation solution.

Send me an email or tweet @robbieDubya for all of your NFC needs.

Thinking of twitter – Martin @mdwrim and John @jcmrim are people you really should be following if you are into NFC and BlackBerry! #nfcguys


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NFC, NFC, and more NFC at BlackBerry Jam Americas 2013