Lou Gazzola held the first Port-A-Thon in November of last year. It was a 36 hour event where we asked, “Got Game?” and you answered – with apps. Since that successful event, we’ve held four more Port-A-Thons, each producing larger than life results. Because of your incredible dedication and contributions, we’ve added thousands of applications to the BlackBerry World catalogue.

The Port-A-Thons are now closed and it’s time for you to be rewarded.

Some of the Port-A-Thon rewards required draws. We needed to wait until the app approval deadline (April 9, 2013) to draw the names of the winners.

We are pleased to announce that the draws have taken place for trips to BlackBerry Live 2013 and BlackBerry Dev Alpha B devices.

Notifications are being sent out this week to the developers that have won and all winners will be contacted via email by the end of next week. Please check your spam folder for any messages from blackberrydeveloperprogram@blackberry.com that might have snuck in.

Again, thank you for your incredible dedication and support. More importantly thank you for your patience. We were humbled by the turnout at these events and worked as quickly as possible to work through the unexpectedly large number of applications that were submitted.

If you have any more questions please contact us at blackberrydeveloperprogram@blackberry.com. Let us know in the comments what you thought about the Port-A-Thons and if you think we should do them again.



Port-A-Thon Rewards Update