This is such an exciting time to create applications for BlackBerry. Many thanks to our dedicated developer community for submitting more than 40,000 apps during our five Port-A-Thons!

Let’s talk about one of the best parts of the Port-A-Thons; the rewards. Here’s an update on the reward process that highlights how and when things will happen.

Updated Timelines

For the All Aboard, Community, Android and Last Chance Port-A-Thon’s, we’re extending the deadline to get your app approved.

You will now have up to February 18, 2013 to get your apps approved. This fits nicely with the deadline to apply for the $10k Developer Commitment.

Please note: The Got Game Port-A-Thon is now closed.

Rewards Process

Rewards are distributed to vendors only after all the apps have been put “up for sale”. By default, apps are automatically put “up for sale” when approved.  If you chose otherwise, please take a moment to put them “up for sale” and ensure you take this step to receive your rewards.

Cash Rewards are distributed by our program partner Milestone. You will receive an email to confirm payment information from . If you live in a country serviced by PayPal, you will need to confirm your PayPal Account. If you live in a country not serviced by PayPal, you will need to provide wire payment details. After this information is provided you will receive your payment in 4-6 weeks. We are working hard to have the money transferred as quickly as possible.

Device rewards are distributed by Touchstone. You will receive an email to confirm shipping information from After confirming your shipping details, the device(s) will be shipped as quickly as possible. Note that RIM pays all shipping costs and duties. If you are required to pay these fees, please contact with the details and you will be reimbursed.

Trip rewards are distributed by HRG. You will receive an email from A Thousand Words Marketing and HRG.

My apps are approved, when do I see reward emails?

To mirror the extension of the submission deadlines, the reward emails will extend as follows. We take a snapshot of approved apps at the end of day each Friday. Information is then provided to Touchstone (for cash), Milestone (for devices) and HRG/Thousand Words Marketing (for Trips) who then send out the reward emails on Tuesdays.

If you notice your apps are approved, please wait until the following Tuesday to get your reward emails.

What happens if you are not able to attend BlackBerry Jam?

Given the new deadline extensions, we realize that trip winners may have some logistical challenges getting to Amsterdam for the BlackBerry Jam Europe 2013.  For those that are unable to attend BlackBerry Jam Europe 2013, we will extend the trip offer to BlackBerry Live in Orlando on May 14-16, 2013 under the same conditions. Please note that the trips are non-transferrable.

When are the draws happening for Community Port-A-Thon?

The Community Port-A-Thon draw for Trips and devices will be held on February 18, giving participants additional time to get their apps approved and become eligible for the draw.

As the draw happens after BlackBerry Jam Europe, the trip will be for BlackBerry Live in Orlando on May 14-16, 2013. To make this even more exciting, we’re adding $500 USD spending money for the trip winners.

The draws for the All Aboard and Got Game Port-A-Thons have been drawn and winners have been notified.

Last Chance Port-A-Thon

If you participated in the Last Chance Port-A-Thon last weekend, expect to be notified of your eligibility by Friday, January 25. This email will inform you of the apps that were submitted during the Port-A-Thon and your eligibility for rewards. Please note that those apps must be “Up for Sale” on or before February 18, 2013 to be eligible to receive an award.

Thanks for all your apps!


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