Here’s a guest post from Sha Sa – Ed.

On June 6th, more than 500 developers across China attended the long-awaited Qt China Developer Day 2013 in Beijing. It’s extremely exciting to see how familiar Qt developers are with BlackBerry 10 platform. As soon as registration started, the BlackBerry booth was flooded with developers!


Mike Zhou from our Developer Relations team presented on overview of the recent developments in Qt on BlackBerry 10 and discussed future plans. Coming all the way from Europe, our very own Qt Expert Vladimir Minenko also joined Mike on stage to co-present the technical session on “Developing with Qt for BlackBerry 10”.  The room was packed to the brim with eager developers wanting to learn how to build a BlackBerry 10 Cascades app using Qt.


Vlad and Mike showcased really cool Qt apps on BlackBerry 10 smartphones developed with Qt 5.0. Not only that, they showed the developers how easy it was by porting apps live on stage! Think converting from Qt to a BlackBerry 10 native app would be hard? Not at all when you joined the onsite coding demo session on how to easily convert their existing Qt app to Cascades based applications.  Developers were very excited about BlackBerry 10 supporting the Qt framework and how easy the porting process is.

When Mike and Vlad announced “Bring your Qt app source code to BlackBerry booth to win a BlackBerry smartphone” challenge, the developers went wild! So they came forward, and so easily, they ported into BlackBerry 10.


Jonah Lin, BlackBerry Elite from China joined BlackBerry experts on stage to showcase 2 of his apps developed on Qt, and also shared his experience on commercialization and internalization.


QNX also showed their support to Qt onsite! Howard Zhang, the QNX Expert in China hosted the QNX Corner with hardware demos at the booth, sharing insights on QNX technology and future trends, attracting his fair share of keen and excited developers!


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Qt China Developer Day 2013