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Developing Cross Platform Mobile Games (Presented by BlackBerry)

Steve Grenier  |  Senior Software Developer, BlackBerry
Sean Paul Taylor  |  Team Lead, Gaming, BlackBerry

Location:  Room 3022, West Hall
Date:  March 27
Time:  3:30PM – 4:30PM

In this session, BlackBerry Gaming R&D experts Sean Paul Taylor and Steve Grenier will discuss some of the challenges and solutions when developing and distributing cross platform mobile games. Topics will include open-source options, with a focus on design and implementation details when developing your own cross platform game or engine. GamePlay3D, BlackBerry’s open-source, cross platform game framework will be used as a case study. Platforms discussed will include BlackBerry, Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS X and Linux.

Professional Game Engines for BlackBerry 10 (Presented by BlackBerry)

Scott Flynn  |  Blackberry Lead Developer, Unity Technologies
Ramprasad Madhavan  |  Gaming Consultant, BlackBerry

Location:  Room 2002, West Hall
Date:  March 27
Time:  5:00PM – 6:00PM

In this session, find out how to easily bring your games to BlackBerry 10 using new SDKs from major game engines such as Unity 4 SDK.

Building your Gaming Strategy for BlackBerry 10 (Presented by BlackBerry)

Anders Jeppsson  |  Director – Global Head of Gaming Category, BlackBerry

Location:  Room 3022, West Hall
Date:  March 28
Time:  5:30PM – 6:30PM

BlackBerry is currently rolling out its next generation BlackBerry 10 mobile computing platform and phones world wide. With over 70k apps available at launch on January 30th, all major game engines and with over 80 of the most commonly used open source projects already ported, going cross platform easier and makes more sense than ever before!


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