I’m pleased to announce the BlackBerry 10 Experience App Framework for AIR. If you’re an AIR developer and you’re looking for an easier way to create applications that follow the BlackBerry 10 UI Guidelines, then this is the framework for you. The BlackBerry 10 Experience App Framework for AIR sets up all of the necessities to make it a lot easier to get up and running. Julian Dolce, our AIR SDK team lead did an excellent job creating samples that are chock-full of comments to help guide you in the right direction. This framework is the perfect way to make it easier for you to achieve Built For BlackBerry status when developing with the AIR SDK for BlackBerry 10.

All of the source code for the framework is on GitHub and it includes four samples. One thing to note is that FDT was used to create the samples. If you use Flash Builder instead of FDT I have created a video that will show you how to get everything converted from FDT 5.6 to Flash Builder 4.7.

The four included samples cover how to create:

Tabbed Navigation Sample - This sample shows you how to create and use a TabbedPane for navigation in your app and how to add actions to a specific page.
Navigation Drill Down - This sample shows you how to setup your application to use a NavigationPane to control navigation in your application.
Simple To Do app - This sample shows you how to add context menu items to a list and how to deal with multi-select from a context menu.
List with context menu - This sample list can show more options when an item is long pressed. These actions are shown in the context menu on the right side of the screen.


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The BlackBerry 10 Experience App Framework for Adobe AIR [VIDEO]