The 2013 Winter term was definitely a new learning experience for the students in a Computer Science course at the University of Waterloo. The course, Software Design and Architecture (CS 446), led by Professor Reid Holmes and I used BlackBerry 10 application development tools for the class projects. I have to say, the apps from the students were great! Most of the teams also made a short commercial for their app project which are shared below for your viewing pleasure.

The students grouped into teams of two to four and shared a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha B testing device for the term. They came up with their own ideas and pitched their app ideas. Throughout the term, they presented two midterm demos to update everyone on their progress. They also received feedback from Professor Holmes and myself. There was also a mini app contest where the top three teams won some prizes courtesy of the Developer Evangelism and the BlackBerry Academic Program team. The students only had one introductory 40 minutes lecture  on the BlackBerry 10 platform at the beginning of the course. The rest, they just learned on their own from our public developer resources.

Many of these apps are already available in BlackBerry World. Given the time constraints and course load that they all had to bear through, the projects were all quite impressive. Now just sit back and enjoy some neat app videos!


This is the perfect app for managing your courses – lecture times (calendar integration), marks, grading, automatic attendance (based on location), tasks (integrates with BlackBerry Remember app).


This is a first person horror game which will surely leave you with some chills. Uncover the mysteries and the background story as you try to get out of the trapped room by solving different puzzles.

Friend Tracker

See your BBM friends on a map! In addition to other settings, you can of course choose not to share your location. This app integrates with BBM quite nicely, including allowing in-app chats.


An app that lets you to collaborate and mark up images in real time. You can get notified when others modified images you were working on.


Power point presentation controller and viewer over BlueTooth.


A NFC based contacts app. The app adds your contacts information in a nice business card format (including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter info) and you can share that with others via NFC.


Don’t break the chain! Make yourself or your friends accountable for committing to things like going to the gym or eating healthy.

Lazy Scholar

Learn Mandarin on the fly with quizzes and challenges.

We hope you all enjoyed these short commercials from the students and we wish them best of luck on their future software projects. If you are interested in seeing some sort of integration with BlackBerry 10 app development in your course, feel free to reach out to us. You can leave something in the comments area below or email us here.


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