Image: “Duplicate Code” by Bokanko via Wikimedia Commons

Have you used a third party library in your BlackBerry application that you think other developers would also find useful? Then share it with us, and we’ll share it with them. I’d like to announce that we have created a third party library submission system. No, you don’t submit the library itself, but instructions on how you can use it in a BlackBerry application. It doesn’t have to be a native library either, we’re accepting submissions for all types of libraries, including Native, JavaScript, and Android.

To create a submission you’ll need to provide some details about the library itself, such as its name, web site, a description of what it does and instructions on how to build it to be used in a BlackBerry application. Each submission is reviewed by BlackBerry to verify its accuracy and will then be published on our web site for all to use. Submit a library you used today.


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Used a Library? Share How