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You might remember the interesting story of Greek developer Charilaos Kalogirou, who ported his iOS game Pop Corny to the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet and to the BlackBerry® 10 Dev Alpha device in just a few days. He blogged about how fast and easy the process was.

Now, after a few weeks, he’s back. Charilaos is participating to a competition organized by the Ludum Dare website, and I was happy to read that he decided to create a game exclusively for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. The competition is the following: finish a game, take it to market, earn $1. All in October.

Why did he decide to develop for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet only? Well, he explains the reasons in this blog post. In particular:

“…we are going to exclusively target the BlackBerry PlayBook and the BlackBerry App World store, as it is a platform I fell in love recently and it’s a platform where you can actually make a buck these days.”

I think that says it all. More proof that if you want to make money with your apps and games, BlackBerry App World is the store for you.

Here it is, game ready: You can get it from BlackBerry App World here.


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