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MDN Changelog – Looking back at 2018

Augmented Reality and the Browser — An App Experiment

Designing the Flexbox Inspector

Mozilla Hacks’ 10 most-read posts of 2018

MDN Changelog for November 2018

Firefox 64 Released

Rust 2018 is here… but what is it?

LPCNet: DSP-Boosted Neural Speech Synthesis

Decentralizing Social Interactions with ActivityPub

The Power of Web Components

New & Experimental Web Design Tools: Feedback Requested

Private by Design: How we built Firefox Sync

Performance Updates and Hosting Moves: MDN Changelog for October 2018

Into the Depths: The Technical Details Behind AV1

Testing Privacy-Preserving Telemetry with Prio

Dweb: Identity for the Decentralized Web with IndieAuth

Firefox 63 – Tricks and Treats!

Introducing Opus 1.3

Dweb: Decentralised, Real-Time, Interoperable Communication with Matrix

Show your support for Firefox with new badges

Payments, accessibility, and dead macros: MDN Changelog for September 2018

Home Monitoring with Things Gateway 0.6

A New Way to Support MDN

Dweb: Creating Decentralized Organizations with Aragon

Streaming RNNs in TensorFlow

MDN Changelog for August 2018

Firefox Focus with GeckoView

Converting a WebGL application to WebVR

New API to Bring Augmented Reality to the Web

Firefox 62 – Tools Cool for School!

Variable Fonts Arrive in Firefox 62

Dweb: Building Cooperation and Trust into the Web with IPFS

Share your favorite images and videos in VR with Mozilla Hubs

Dweb: Serving the Web from the Browser with Beaker

Dweb: Building a Resilient Web with WebTorrent

MDN Changelog for July 2018: CDN tests, Goodbye Zones, and BCD

The Video Wars of 2027

Dweb: Social Feeds with Secure Scuttlebutt

Things Gateway 0.5 packed full of new features, including experimental smart assistant

Introducing the Dweb

The Arch: Using Rust & WebAssembly to animate 30k colored LED lights

9 Biggest Mistakes with CSS Grid

360° Images on the Web, the Easy Way

MDN Changelog for June 2018

Dark Theme Darkening: Better Theming for Firefox Quantum

Firefox 61 – Quantum of Solstice

Retained Display Lists for improved page performance

@media, MathML, and Django 1.11: MDN Changelog for May 2018

Overscripted! Digging into JavaScript execution at scale

Baby’s First Rust+WebAssembly module: Say hi to JSConf EU!

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