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Qt Weekly #25: Optimization hints on Qt Data Visualization

Qt Creator flat style UI design + new Light theme is now live

Licensing of new modules in Qt 5.5

The Qt blog is moving to the domain

The Trolls invite you to Oslo

Robin Burchell, Qt Champion 2014

Dyami Caliri, Qt Champion 2014

Qt Weekly #24: High-dpi QtWayland

Blog on Qt 3D 2.0 from KDAB

Introducing the Qt Quick 2D Renderer

Qt Weekly #23: Qt 5.5 enhancements for Linux graphics and input stacks

Nice Blog Post From Boundary Devices

Two more Qt Champions for 2014

Qt 5.4 released

Qt Creator 3.3.0 released

Multi-process embedded systems with Qt for Device Creation and Wayland

Qt Weekly #22: How to help Qt Support help you more efficiently

Native Android style in Qt 5.4

Contributing to Qt? Come to Oslo in June 2015!

Qt 4.8.x Support to be Extended for Another Year

Qt 5.4 Release Candidate Available

Qt Creator 3.3 RC released

Qt Weekly #21: Dynamic OpenGL implementation loading in Qt 5.4

Qt Downloads moving to

Qt Weekly #20: Completing the offering: QOpenGLWindow and QRasterWindow

Tasuku Suzuki is the second Qt Champion

Documentation now up for testing in

Help Qt Continue To Reign Supreme | Vision Mobile 8th Developer Economics Survey

Qt Creator 3.3 beta released

An update on OS X Code Signing

Say hello to the first Qt Champion!

Qt 5.4 Beta Available

Update on the website work

Qt 5.3.2 Update for Device Creation

Qt Creator 3.2.2 released

Benefits of the Indie Mobile Licensing

Qt Fix and Polish Week

The Qt Company Introduces a Unified Website and 20€/$25 Monthly Indie Mobile Package

Qt 5.3.2 Released with Qt Creator 3.2.1

Qt Creator 3.2.1 released

Qt Cloud Services introduces Managed Application Runtimes in public beta

Qt Weekly #19: QOpenGLWidget

Qt 5.4 Alpha Available

Join the Qt Fix and Polish Week

Looking for Qt Champions!

Rock the Qt Shirt – Qt Developer Days 2014 Shirt

Qt Weekly #18: Static linking with Qt

qbs 1.3.0 released

Adding LGPL v3 to Qt

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