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Re-imagining collaboration for Visual Studio with Live Share app casting and contacts

Join the Visual Studio for Mac ASP.NET Core Challenge

Re-imagining developer productivity with AI-assisted tools

Announcing Visual Studio Online Public Preview

Azure IoT Tools October Update: new experience of sending device-to-cloud messages and more!

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Java on Visual Studio Code April Update

Redesigning the New Project Dialog

Visual Studio 2019 version 16.1 Preview 2

New features for extension authors in Visual Studio 2019 version 16.1

Little great things about Visual Studio 2019

Introducing Time Travel Debugging for Visual Studio Enterprise 2019

Live Share now included with Visual Studio 2019

Visual Studio 2019: Code faster. Work smarter. Create the future.

Visual Studio 2019 for Mac is now available

Visual Studio Extensibility Day at Build 2019

Using Newtonsoft.Json in a Visual Studio extension

Visual Studio Subscriptions – everything you need for Azure development

Visual Studio 2019 Launch Event agenda and speakers now published

Code more, scroll less with Visual Studio IntelliCode

Visual Studio extensions and version ranges demystified

Windows Desktop Developer Twitch Workshop (March 14, 2019)

Visual Studio 2019 for Mac Preview 3

Visual Studio 2019 Release Candidate (RC) now available

Reflecting your feedback in Visual Studio 2019

Join us April 2nd for the Launch of Visual Studio 2019!

Welcome to the new home of our developer tools blogs!

Break When Value Changes: Data Breakpoints for .NET Core in Visual Studio 2019

Microsoft Q# Coding Contest – Winter 2019

A better multi-monitor experience with Visual Studio 2019

Become a Visual Studio for Mac super user with this Tips and Tricks Video Series

Debug your live apps running in Azure Virtual Machines and Azure Kubernetes

Enhanced in Visual Studio 2019: Search for Objects and Properties in the Watch, Autos, and Locals Windows

Visual Studio 2019 Preview 2 is now available

Build an Azure IoT application with Cloud Explorer for Visual Studio

Q# – a Wish List for the New Year

Build Visual Studio extensions using Visual Studio extensions

Get to code: How we designed the new Visual Studio start window

New Azure DevOps Work Item Experience in Visual Studio 2019

A Year of Q#

New Benefits in Visual Studio Subscriptions

New Preview label for Visual Studio extensions

Visual Studio Live Share for real-time code reviews and interactive education

Visual Studio IntelliCode supports more languages and learns from your code

Making every developer more productive with Visual Studio 2019

Qubits in Q#

The Latest in Visual Studio 2017 for Mac – Version 7.7

Visual Studio 2017 version 15.9 now available

Learn Quantum Computing with the Quantum Katas

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