Today, I wanted to show you an experiment that really shows you how our new engine will be unifying graphics in an unprecedented way. At Adobe, I always felt the walls between Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects didn’t need to exist.

Well, now I can show you a glimpse of the amazing effects that will be possible in Graphics 2.0.

In the following video, you’ll see an experiment of hooking up the camera into our pipeline. The idea is that the frames captured by the camera are the texture source for a polygon. In this case, I used a circle, but in our engine, it could be any vector shape.

We drop them from the sky and let Box2D handle the rest. I also attached a touch joint to the object so in the middle of the video, you see me swinging a circle, knocking away the other objects.

The code for hooking up a camera to texture a shape is trivial. We’re piggy-backing on the ‘fill’ property that I talked about previously:

I should emphasize that while other features I’ve shown you are very nearly alpha/beta-quality, this feature is still in the research phase. Hopefully, you can see the power of grand unification!

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Augmented Reality Experiment