Today, I’m happy to announce that Corona Editor is now 1.0!

Since we first announced the beta, you’ve given us fantastic feedback on how we could improve your daily code editing/development experience. We’ve added a ton of improvements including better support for both Sublime Text 2 and Sublime Text 3.

We created a dedicated “Corona Editor” menu to help make it easier for you to access some great new features like a new code snippets feature that helps with syntax and coding conventions.

In addition, we’ve added debugging and breakpoint support. Now you can set breakpoints directly in Sublime Text. Just open the file up, set a breakpoint, and launch the project — all within Sublime! We’ve even added special windows to Sublime so you can look at the callstack and inspect variable values directly.

We’ve updated our video tour to highlight just a few of the great features in Corona Editor:

We think this is a great lightweight IDE for Corona developers and we look forward to your feedback. If you want any specific features, please add/vote for them. And of course, we are open to code contributions.

More here:

Corona Editor is now 1.0