Corona GeekThis week we hung out with Dr. Brian Burton, Ed MaurinaMatthew Chapman, Jen LooperMohammed Bennouf, and Theo Rushin, Jr to walk through an example of storing and accessing data using SQLite and Corona SDK. Dr. Burton walked through a code example that checked for a local SQLite database file, connected to the database, and displayed data in a TableView. The panel had a lot of great questions and tips to share. We plan to discuss how to pull data from remote sources and store the data in a local database in a future hangout.

Be sure to pick up Dr. Burton’s book, “Learning Mobile Application & Game Development with Corona“, for more examples of how to work with databases and Corona SDK.

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Thank you for watching, we’ll see you on next week’s Corona Geek hangout!

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Corona Geek #47 – Working With Data in Corona SDK