This week I wanted to give you some more eye candy from our next-generation graphics engine to demonstrate how easy it will be to add filter effects to your app.

Like in the 2.5D quadrilateral distortion preview, we’ve modified the Fishies sample app. This time, we’ve taken the background aquarium image and created a 3×3 grid. Then we applied a filter effect to each tile (except for the center one):

To apply a filter effect, you just make one function call. For example, here’s how you’d apply the “pixelate” filter like in the top-middle of the video:

In the video, we only show you a handful of filters, but you’ll soon have a huge catalog of built-in filters to choose from.

Right now, the preliminary list includes the following:

  • “blur”
  • “brightness”
  • “bulge”
  • “color”
  • “contrast”
  • “dispersion”
  • “dissolve”
  • “emboss”
  • “pixelate”
  • “saturate”
  • “sepia”
  • “swirl”
  • “vignette”
  • “wipe”
  • “wobble”
  • “chromaKey”
  • “duotone”
  • “monotone”
  • “grayscale”
  • “invert”

We’ve got more on the way, so if you have a favorite, let us know!

And yes, we’d like to let you write your own shaders to create custom filter effects, but that’s further out.

BTW, if you are hankering to get your hands on the new graphics engine, we will be seeding this out to beta testers very soon — possibly as soon as next month!

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Corona Weekly Update: Photoshop-style Filter Effects