For a few weeks, we’ve had a closed beta to test out plugins in Corona SDK. There’s more polish to be done, but we think the infrastructure is stable enough for broader use.

So today, we are going to open up that beta starting with daily build 2013.1106.

Okay, ready to get started? Two things:

First, download daily build 2013.1106 or after. Do not use previous builds, as you may experience issues.

Second, you need to tell Corona that you are using plugins so the Corona Simulator can perform device builds properly. This boils down to adding a few lines in your ‘build.settings’ file. Head over to our new Corona plugin documentation site. Each plugin has its own documentation page that describes what you need to add in ‘build.settings’ for that plugin.

For example, here’s what you do for inneractive:

That’s it! You’re ready to go.

Right now, we’re making the following initial set of plugins available:

  • AdMob: iOS + Android
  • Greenthrottle: Android
  • Inneractive: iOS (Apple API compliant). Android is already in Corona’s core but will soon move into a plugin.
  • OpenSSL: iOS + Android + Mac. Win support is coming.
  • OpenUDID: iOS-only.
  • Zip: iOS + Android + Mac + Win.

Note that some of the plugins only work on device, while can work within the Corona Simulator.

Also, we are going to move some services into plugins that currently reside in the core Corona engine. That means in a future build, if you want to use these services in your apps, you’ll need to add a few lines to your build.settings:

  • Flurry: iOS + Android
  • iAds: iOS
  • InMobi: iOS + Android
  • Inneractive: Android

This is just the beginning. In the coming days and weeks, you’re going to see more plugins from us and from our growing list of partners!

As we’re still at Beta, please let us know any issues in the subscriber-only Plugins Beta forum.

See the original post:  

Corona Weekly Update: Plugins now beta in daily builds