We think yesterday’s announcement of CoronaCards is a game changer. It changes the equation. Instead of a choice, it’s all of the above — you get to leverage Corona technology in any existing native app!

Now as hard as this is to believe, I want to give you a taste of something that’s even more exciting.

You may remember our “DebugDraw” sample app, as seen in a couple of the CoronaCards videos and as included in your Corona SDK installation.

Well, check this out (works best in Chrome on a desktop):

Yes, that’s what you think it is. A Corona app running in the browser. No plugins required. Enjoy!!!

[Update: Check browser support. IE11 has a bug we haven’t worked around yet. Finally, you may need to turn on WebGL, e.g. Safari users]

Link – 

CoronaCards is cool. Here’s something even cooler!