CoronaCards logoWe are very excited to announce that CoronaCards is now available for general use. There is a 30 day trial so you can test it out, and CoronaCards for iOS is available for purchase today, with Android following soon (but also available for testing now).

CoronaCards represents a new chapter for Corona. Until now, anyone that chose Corona had to rely on it as a “complete stack”. In other words, if you chose to use Corona, by definition you did not choose another framework or a completely native app (e.g., Xcode/Objective-C). But CoronaCards changes that. No matter what underlying platform developers choose, they can now take advantage of Corona and its strengths:

  • Richness – Corona gives you access to the full power of the device and lets you build anything you can imagine in 2D and 2.5D.
  • Speed and ease-of-use – With Corona you really do build 10x faster. For instance: one line of code is all you need for OpenGL-accelerated graphics, physics or shader-based filters.
  • Cross-platform – Of course, any content that you develop for Corona (or CoronaCards) will work equally well across all the platforms we support.

CoronaCards is also an excellent choice to add interactivity and richness to existing apps made in frameworks like Appcelerator or PhoneGap. We even have developers using it to add 2D overlays to Unity-based games, thereby taking advantage of the speed of development and quick iteration in Corona. We have docs and sample projects for all of these platforms.

This is just the beginning of course and we fully expect to hear many other great uses for CoronaCards in the coming months. Best of all, Corona SDK, Corona Enterprise and CoronaCards all share the same core. As we add features to Corona, all platforms benefit at the same time.

Now, there has been some confusion as to the role of CoronaCards vs. Corona SDK. Here is a quick rundown of 2 key questions:

If you are a Corona SDK developer today, do you need CoronaCards?
Probably not. You are already taking advantage of everything Corona has to offer. CoronaCards is meant for developers that are building in other environments or that have existing non-Corona apps and games.

Is CoronaCards the only way to (soon) build for HTML5?
No. There will be a CoronaCards for HTML5, but Corona SDK developers will also get a way to build for HTML5 inside the Corona Simulator.

We answer these and other questions in the CoronaCards FAQs, so take a quick look. And if you think you can use the richness of Corona in your non-Corona projects, give it a spin!

Feel free to ask any questions and give us feedback in our forum. Thanks!


CoronaCards Now Available