This post was originally published at From the Forum – Issue #161

Welcome to this week’s From the Forum. In this post, we highlight a few Corona Community Forums posts that cover important topics.

Look up in the sky…

It’s Coronium SkyTable! We welcome awesome community contributor Develephant back to the forums and he comes back with a bang, releasing not one but two new plugins to satisfy your online cravings. It didn’t take long for the community to start dreaming up ideas to use these new tools — in this post, learn how Coronium SkyTable might be a great way to push configurations out to client apps.

Manipulating tiles

No doubt platformers and overhead games benefit from tilesets. There are some great tools and libraries for working with a tileset, but how do you manipulate a tileset you already have that needs some work? This thread provides ideas and offers a free tool which can help with your graphics needs.

Making your game loop smaller

Corona’s concept of a “game loop” is an event that triggers every frame. Having an efficient “enterFrame” function is a healthy thing. In this thread, see how one developer ended up with a more optimized game loop.

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This post was originally published at From the Forum – Issue #161