This post was originally published at From the Forum – Issue #166

Welcome to this week’s From the Forum. In this post, we highlight a few Corona Community Forums posts that cover important topics.

Dynamic level modules

In this forum post, the original poster was interested in how to best manage level data for a large number of levels. Using local .lua files was loading large amounts of unneeded data. Corona’s developer community came to the rescue and offered some great suggestions on using SQLite and tools to help manage it.

iOS 11 and icons

Apple changed the rules on app submissions with regards to icons. However, even with the new methods listed here, several developers still ran into a few additional issues with their Apple app submissions. This thread covers fixing many of them.

Google Path Traversal vulnerability

Every Corona developer with apps on Google Play were notified last week that Google would start enforcing take-downs of apps that continue to have this Google Path Traversal Vulnerability issue. Daily build 2017.3145 addresses the issue. See this thread for a full discussion on how to tell when Google is happy with your update.

Do you have a particular forum thread that was helpful for you? Let us know about it! Email, put FTF: and the forum title in the subject, and include the URL in the email. We will consider adding it to an upcoming edition of From the Forum.

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This post was originally published at From the Forum – Issue #166