This post was originally published at From the Forum – Issue #174

Welcome to this week’s From the Forum. In this post, we highlight a few Corona Community Forums posts that cover important topics.

A Diagonal Slider?

The original poster wanted to make a diagonal slider. Several community members came up with possible solutions, but @starcrunch came up with the math to make everything work in this thread.

Dropping FPS

FPS or Frames Per Second is how fast your app’s screen updates. The faster the FPS the smoother the game looks. In this thread, the original poster got a lot of advice on everything from good FPS monitoring code to managing objects.

Touch and hold

Corona touch events let you know when they begin and end or if the touch moved, but they don’t generate continuous events that the object is still being touched. Long time Corona developer @Glitch Games came to the rescue with an answer on how to manage knowing if a button was being held in this thread.

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This post was originally published at From the Forum – Issue #174