This post was originally published at From the Forum – Issue #176

Welcome to this week’s From the Forum. In this post, we highlight a few Corona Community Forums posts that cover important topics.

Glitches in Physics

The original poster wanted to move an object around another like a moon orbiting a planet but the pivot joints were creating glitches in movement. Corona super programmer @davebollinger jumped in and provided some really great advice using various joint types to solve the problem in this thread.

Cleaning up display objects

Everyone wants to avoid memory leaks and make sure their app cleans up after itself. But how memory is released can be confusing. When are you required to nil an object? When does the system do it for you? What if it’s in a table? Multiple Corona developers jumped into this thread to clean up some misconceptions about cleaning up memory.

More Rotation

Another thread about orbiting: in this case, the poster was asking how to manage mass with the rotation and have potential escape velocity. @roaminggamer came to the rescue with some great examples including videos to help explain the process.

Do you have a particular forum thread that was helpful for you? Let us know about it! Email, put FTF: and the forum title in the subject, and include the URL in the email. We will consider adding it to an upcoming edition of From the Forum.

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This post was originally published at From the Forum – Issue #176