A 15-year game industry veteran, Dustin Clingman has developed games for nearly every mobile platform. In 2002 he founded Zeitgeist Games, which was acquired in 2008 by IMI Labs and relaunched as ZeeGee Games to focus on a growing social games market.

With the 2013 launch of Together Games, Dustin aims to simplify the processes behind game development by helping developers with cloud deployment and distributed data management. To learn how to integrate The Together Platform into your Corona-powered apps, take a look at the plugin’s documentation page.

The Together PlatformBuilding a scalable back end solution has been a game development challenge for years. The technologies are less familiar and let’s be honest, it’s not a super sexy aspect of making great games.

Enter The Together Platform. We developed this technology to help developers with cloud deployment and distributed data management.

With The Together Platform, developers can easily manage asynchronous multiplayer games with our Corona SDK enabled API. You don’t have to worry about dedicated servers hitting their maximum load and shutting down your game ever again. We’ll handle the scaling and uptime so you don’t have to. Additionally, your game can now handle matching players from iOS, Android and other platforms at the same time!

A great example of the platform at work is the iOS game, Trickochet. Trickochet is a head-to-head physics challenge. Within the game, players slide discs trying to target their opponents “core” discs to score points. The Together Platform manages the turn based behavior between players and devices, and also manages the physics simulation between turns as well. Balancing a game like Trickochet is easy using Together Games’ backend interface. No additional iTunes submissions are required, saving critical time when you need to make minor adjustments to the game economy or in-app item costs.

Managing your game data in the cloud is also a breeze via our online portal. Let your designer balance the games in real-time without having to utilize valuable engineer time or costly resubmission delays.

The Together Platform is your IT and Data Management solution. Best of all, our Standard Tier is FREE and includes access to a cross-platform asynchronous multiplayer API, web based data management and the very best service possible. We’re super excited to bring this technology to you through the Corona platform and can’t wait to see the great games you create!

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