Pat WilsonPat Wilson, Carrot’s CEO, is responsible for business development and maintenance of all client SDKs. During his tenure with GarageGames, Pat was responsible for creating the next-gen lighting system for the Torque Engine, was the Console Lead (where he was responsible for shipping more than five titles), and published the paper “Light Pre-Pass Renderer: Using the CIE Luv Color Space, ShaderX7.” When he is not fine-tuning SDKs for clients, he can be found rocking with the “Legion of Everblight,” playing “Civilization V,” or beating his head against a chess board.

Carrot is a Corona Plugin partner, and is available to all Corona SDK developers. For more information, please see Carrot’s plugin documentation.

In the crowded app market, getting people to find and use your app can be tricky. Marketing is expensive, app store discoverability is increasingly difficult to get, and paying for installs can quickly dry up the cash of any studio, large or small.

Crazy FairiesCarrot addresses these issues by making sure that your players bring in more players through the use of “viral stories” on Facebook. These are the same posts that you’ve probably seen coming from apps like Candy Crush Saga, Spotify, and Netflix. These posts show friends performing activities in an app and they put your content in front of potential new users.

Carrot gives you a drag-and-drop web tool to create, preview, and manage your viral stories and combine them with side-by-side metrics that help you determine which viral content works best. Your artists and content authors can apply edits, try out new wording and images, and see them retroactively applied to all existing posts on the fly, without re-deploying your app. Carrot is truly a power-tool for viral content.

Our “Download Code” functionality will generate the code snippets you need to send out your viral stories from a Corona SDK app. You can implement Carrot within an existing app in less than an hour — even within minutes if Facebook is already integrated into your app.

BigHead BashThe Carrot social-backend is now closing in on 3 million Facebook posts. Each week, over 500,000 new posts are made, and over 1.6 million unique people see those posts, driving clicks directly to our customers’ apps.

“Carrot has made what was once a difficult, obfuscated, grueling task into something that feels like magic. As a content creator, it is refreshing to be able to effect change without needing my engineering team.”

-Kelly Heckman, Spicy Horse Games

Our partnership with Corona Labs allows us  to provide Corona developers with easy access to the power of Carrot, giving their apps the exposure needed to compete in a crowded marketplace.

We are excited to be working with Corona SDK developers, and we’re ready to help you get your app in front of more users. Sign up today!

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