Doug Dickerson is VP Developer Services at Pinsight Media+, Sprint’s mobile advertising platform. Pinsight Media+ brings the power of carrier level data and targeting to mobile advertising. The company’s recent acquisition of Handmark/OneLouder gives Pinsight Media+ added capabilities in the social marketing space and access to apps such as Tweetcaster, BaconReader and more.

To take advantage of Pinsight Media+ services in your Corona-based apps, head to the Pinsight Media+ documention page.

Pinsight Media+Pinsight Media+ is incredibly excited to announce a new partnership with Corona Labs! Corona SDK Pro developers will now have easy access to our monetization and distribution services. Integrating our services into your Corona-based apps is easy – just check our documentation page, and sign up on our site to get started.

We initially started this partnership with a Pinsight Media+ plugin for a Corona Enterprise user, Itch Media. Itch Media experienced such great success that we decided to partner with Corona Labs and offer our services to all Corona SDK Pro developers.

As background, Pinsight Media+ was launched by Sprint to leverage opportunities in the mobile space. Acquiring OneLouder for their expertise in app development and app advertising, the combined organization partners with third party app developers to provide inventory to large brands and agencies.

As app developers ourselves, we recognize that making money on advertising is a major challenge. We’ve felt the pain: revenues and fill rates could be great one day and terrible the next. To solve this, we’ve partnered with dozens of ad networks to find the perfect mix of steady, strong CPMs and fill rates. We bring our developer partners:

  • A directsales force talking to major brands on your behalf, including Amazon, LG, Gameloft and more
  • A fully staffed ad operations team that works daily to get you the best fill rates and eCPMs
  • The ability to plug into 30+ ad networks

Beyond the challenges of monetization, we recognize that distribution is important for an app’s success. That’s why we help developers get more visibility through on-device featuring, social-promotion and even through carrier-store distribution and promotion.

But do we have any proof that this works? A recent developer who implemented our SDK saw:

  • eCPMs increase 5x
  • Revenues increase 10x
  • Active users double

This is just one of many success stories. Another partner recently quit his day job to focus solely on his app thanks to our monetization offerings. If you want to be the next success story, check out our site. We look forward to working with Corona SDK developers and maximizing their app’s revenue and distribution.

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