corona labs team photo with john romero, co-founder of id software

Today, we had some very special guests visit. Game legends John Romero and Brenda Romero joined us for lunch.

It was really inspiring to have them over. Between the two of them, they’ve had a profound influence on the industry that reverberates today.

John designed such seminal games as Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake. He co-founded id Software which holds this near mythical place in the pantheon of game development, igniting among other things the whole first-person shooter genre. Brenda is most well-known for her work on the Wizardry series from the 80s that served as a template for role-playing games that followed.

Here’s, the crazy thing. They’re fans of Corona SDK!

It was surreal hearing John talk about the first time he discovered the auto-refresh feature of the Corona Simulator at 3am or how much of a no-brainer it to use Corona instead of coding Objective-C or even Unity.

Of course, everyone has their wish list. :)

When he mentioned how Corona’s accessibility and immediacy brought him back to his early days of programming, I couldn’t help reminisce about my own experiences with turtle graphics on the Apple ][.

There were so many gems hearing John and Brenda talk about the industry. The one that stood out for me was when they talked about how today’s students no longer want to work at large studios. They want to create their own games. More and more, there seems to be less and less desire to build 3D games. It just takes too long, and so much of what makes a game successful depends on the design and mechanics itself. So as an indie, you really do benefit from building 10 games quickly rather than spend months or years on a single game.

Well, that explains why they like Corona so much!

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Lunch with Co-founder of id Software