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At the beginning of this year, I outlined new platforms as a major theme for 2015. And a few months later, at GDC, we announced bringing Mac App and Win32 App support to the Corona platform. Since then, we’ve been conducting private betas with a small group of Corona developers.

Today, we are opening up the Mac App and Win32 App betas to everyone in the Corona community!

Download Corona daily build 2015.2687 (or later) to get started.

Building Desktop Apps

We’ve done a lot of work to make the experience of building desktop apps as smooth as possible.

By default, you can build apps directly from Corona Simulator, just like you would for iOS or Android. No interaction with Xcode or Visual Studio is needed.

You will see a new menu item under File => Build in the Corona Simulator which presents a new build dialog for desktop apps: on the Mac, you’ll be able to build Mac apps, and on Windows, you’ll be able to build Win32 apps.

Transitioning from Mobile to Desktop

When you target your project to a new platform, we’ve done a lot of heavy lifting for you.

If your mobile project is fully functional in the Corona Simulator, then your project should easily port over as a desktop app.

There are inevitably going to be a few things you’ll want to do: testing, tweaks (e.g. window size, behavior, and title) in build.settings, etc.

Depending on your app design/project, you’ll also want to think about issues like:

  • what’s appropriate on a desktop-sized screen such as window size, layout and orientation
  • whether your touch-based code needs tweaking to work with a mouse
  • how to handle plugins/services that aren’t available on desktop
  • etc.

Desktop Features

In terms of features supported, you should think of the desktop feature set as what’s available in the Corona Simulator itself. This is a subset of the features supported on iOS/Android.

For those of you interested in full control — accessing OS-specific features/services via native code, writing plugins, customizing things like menus, etc — you can create a truly native Xcode project (and coming later, a Visual Studio project) to fully customize your app via CoronaCards for OS X.


Some games port over really well. For example, these games from Fire Maple Games (left), FrozenGun (center) and Glitch Games (right) worked immediately as desktop games:

Lost City Main
Freeze Screenshot 1


More detail about using Corona on desktop are available in our docs:

If you have more questions, please check out the forums:

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This post was originally published at Mac App and Win32 App: Open Beta