At Corona Labs, we strive to provide as much cross-platform functionality as possible. Now Corona apps built for Android can utilize the ”Social“ plugin. Everything that you need to know from a code standpoint is detailed in the original tutorial: Introducing the “Social” Plugin (iOS).

That being said, there are a few differences on Android…

There is Only One “Service”

With iOS, you have to determine if native.showPopup() will show a Facebook dialog, a Twitter dialog, or a SinaWeibo dialog. On Android, it shows the Android “sharing panel” which includes buttons for everything that supports sharing. As you install and remove apps from your Android device, the options on this screen will change. As such, in your code, you don’t have to provide the “service” option in the options table. Don’t be concerned if you’re using this key in your existing code for iOS — it will simply be ignored on Android.


Facebook is not Available in this Plugin

There is a known bug between Facebook and Android that prevents the Android sharing intent from posting to Facebook. As such, Facebook recommends that developers use the regular Facebook methods to post to Facebook.

Finally, please note that this plugin is currently in the beta stage. If you locate any bugs, please report them.

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Revisiting the Social Plugin, Now on Android