Eric Dyck is the co-founder and VP of Marketing of Tap for Tap. He’s also the host of a video podcast series called Tap Your App where he first befriended Corona Geek, Charles McKeever. It was that meeting, that led to a newly-launched partnership between Tap for Tap and Corona Labs.

Tap for TapTap for Tap is very excited to be partnered with Corona Labs and even more excited to hear from Corona Developers as they explore the list of excellent 3rd party services now available.

We know what Corona Labs is all about: Helping developers build high quality, cross-platform mobile apps in a fraction of the time it would take to build from scratch.

So what is Tap for Tap all about?

Simply put, Tap for Tap is here to help Android and iOS developers get users and make money. Corona helps you build your app and Tap for Tap helps you build your app business. We are a cross-promotion and monetization network for mobile apps and our services include a tap exchange, an ad network, a self promotion tool and a paid promotion network, all in one easy to use platform.

Corona developers can sign up here for a Tap for Tap account and use our Corona Plugin. Then choose how you want to show ads in your app; we offer banners, interstitials and app walls. Next, you can select what kind of ads you’d like to show and how you’d like to be paid using our Earning Preference Slider.

Choose “Get Users” if you’d like to participate in the Tap Exchange. Here you will show ads for other developers and every time you generate a tap or a click on one of their ads from one of your users, you will be paid back by getting a tap on an ad for your app on our network. This user exchange allows you to grow engagement with your app, scaling your installs at no cost.

If you’re more interested in making ad revenue from the ads you show, just select “Make Money” on the Earning Preference Slider and you’ll start showing paid ads and earn a share of any revenue generated. You can select any mix of get users/make money that suits your app business.

If you have more than one app, be sure to take advantage of our Self Promotion tool which allows you to choose what percentage of your traffic you’d like to use to promote your own app.

Tap for Tap also offers a great Paid Promotion network where you can reinvest your earnings to buy traffic on a CPC or, in some cases, CPI basis to grow your app’s user base.

If you’re interested in seeing our network in action. Take a look at Corona Developer, MonkeyBin Studios’ game MindFeud. They actually built their own plugin using Corona Enterprise several months ago and have been rocking on Tap for Tap ever since.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Looking forward to hearing about your apps and helping you build your app business!

Tap for Tap

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